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The Heart

There are several reasons I would highly recommend trying "Bowen with Angela". Angela is a non-judgmental, natural, empathetic listener & observer and tunes readily into the patient & actually hears and understands what the patient's mind and body imbalances may be at the time. Then she translates it effectively into what type of Bowen Therapy action is required. The professional methodology leaves the patient in calm and relaxed state imperative for the healing process. The objective of my treatment series was to inhibit my regular life-threatening bouts of a rare, complex heart arrhythmia. In this regard, each treatment session brought me closer to realising that objective. I am eternally grateful for the great hope I now possess for leading a life of continued fulfillment.

Ace Marks, Palmwoods

Walking Taller

Angela O'Malley is one of those rare kinds of intuitive healers who act as a conduit for greater things. I had visited chiropractors, osteopaths and the like because, on a physical level, I felt like a wreck. Over a decade as a hairdresser, and a bad car accident, had taken its toll on my body. On a personal level, I felt weighed down by years of carrying, what felt like a heavy weight, from L-I-F-E. My shoulders, back and hips were literally caving in under the strain. I cannot fully explain the impact Angela’s Bowen has had on my body. But I can tell you, I walk taller, I no longer have back pain - the results have been extraordinary. My whole being is lighter, and I feel free like never before thanks to her treatment. I can't wait for my husband and kids to experience her treatments too!

Christeii Cook, Mornington VIC


Angela & I connected after I had written an article on Miind Body Bowen & Rheumatoid Arthritis. Initially we communicated by email & had a great deal in common. Although I had been in remission, at the time of our connection, I was back in full blown aggressive RA & Angela offered to help me. That was over a year ago, and I continue to visit Angela monthly. Living with an incurable chronic & painful illness is very testing. Angela's Bowen treatments have helped both physically & emotionally. I find the most benefit from the spiritual way Bowen works, and Angela has an innate ability to nurture & assist this. As a therapist myself, often times I find that it is the wisdom & the spiritual knowledge of the practitioner which can have the biggest impact in healing physical symptoms. Angela gives generously of her time, knowledge & kindness & has played a very big & important part in my ongoing healing journey. Thank you Angela, I can't recommend you highly enough.

Trudi Bareham, Buderim

Feeling Renewed

I have had regular treatments with Angela and am delighted to have been one of her first clients. She has worked wonders with my sinuses and cleared many energy blocks from my system. I always leave feeling renewed, positive and with much more clarity. I highly recommend Bowen Therapy with this caring, knowledgeable lady.

Gill Campbell, Black Mountain.


Lower Back & Hip Pain I have had lower back and hip pain off and on for the last 10 yrs but in the last 6 months it had become a permanent and tiring pain!. I felt the chiropractic treatment l'd been using just inflamed the area more and my body wasn't responding. I felt to try Bowen. After just 3 visits to Angela my pelvic area just 'unlocked!' I had a range of movement l can't remember ever having!, Within 2 more visits it has been permanent and l have no more aching and restriction. It feels amazing, and l've been very impressed in the way Bowen has worked.

Simone Haynes, Sunrise Beach


I have visited Angela for regular Bowen treatments since she started practicing in Pomona. I find her holistic approach very beneficial to my overall feeling of well being & her depth of knowledge & understanding of the technique is very impressive. Her patient & calming attitude makes for a visit which is highly recommended.

Simon Campbell, Black Mountain

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